Kirtan is call and response chanting blended with beautiful music that will calm your mind, open your heart and remind you of your connection to yourself and everything. Kirtan is a form of devotional chanting whose roots go back over 500 years to India. It is a form of Bhakti Yoga (yoga of devotion) and has tremendous power. The singing is accompanied by musical instruments and rhythmic drumming and the audience is encouraged to participate by chanting, clapping and dancing. You will not be able to resist the urge to join in! In its heartfelt expression, kirtan can induce profound states of meditation, bliss and ecstasy.

Luna has been offering kirtan to various communities throughout the US and Costa Rica over the past 5 years.For more info and dates visit her Tour Page.

October 12, 2014

This was the best concert I have ever had at my studio!