yoga-journal-1Yoga Journal / June 2012

One Shared Heart | Kristin Luna Ray

by Katherine Rae


Rising Star

Filled with a devotion at once fresh and electrifying. One Shared Heart places the singer and song-writer Kristin "Luna" Ray solidly in the ranks of chant music's most luminous rising stars.

From the first notes of "Ganesha", her sweetly singing guitar and even sweeter voice bekon the listener into a secret garden where mantra and the power of sound create the fertile ground for spiritual growth and devotion. "Shankra Shiva" features a jammin' reggae beat, to which Ray encouragingly echoes Bob Marley's philosophy that everything will indeed be alright.

Several of kirtan's finest musicians lend their talents to the album, including Girish, chant diva Wah!, and Alvin Young (the bassist of Sean Johnson and the Wild Lotus Band), but Ray's gentle and moving voice takes center stage. And her sounds couldn't be more welcoming.

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October 12, 2014

This was the best concert I have ever had at my studio!